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Application development is an important component for many businesses. That is why NST programmers have the necessary skills to develop virtually any application, whether they are web-based or standalone Windows applications.  A full discovery session will help us determine if you: 

  • Need an application to integrate your accounting with sales data.
  • Need a system where data can be stored, retrieved and modified.
  • Need a way to optimize your workflow and a system that facilitates any procedure.

Our Application Development services include;

Mobile Application Development (iOS, Android)

Create the database management system best required for your needs now and into the future.

Develop database schema’s, using relational concepts to speed data delivery for complex queries.

Conceptualize automated solutions.

Provide security measures to protect sensitive data - Backup and recovery solutions both simple and complex including failover and redundancy solutions.

Create custom scripts to present reports for exactly how your business requires.

Create custom solutions for business processes.

Use industry standard solutions such as .NET, PHP

Customize API

Database Development (SQL and MySQL, SSIS Package Development, Scripting)

Database Reporting (Crystal Reports, SSRS Reporting)

Application Development (custom through .Net, PHP, customizing through API, etc)


NST can create any custom application necessary for the success of any business. Inquire today about NST’s application development service and schedule a free consultation!


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