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NST specializes in office relocations and company expansions.  Our engineers can assist in all levels of IT management, from designing a new server room to insuring the highest level of security.  When planning a move it is crucial to have a project plan in place.  Some of the items to consider are:

  • Location, spacing and power requirements of the server room.
  • Planing for sufficient ventilation/cooling requirements.
  • Does it have its own climate control?
  • Where will the cable and phone lines run?
  • Can you keep your current phone numbers?
  • Do you have proper shelving or racks for your server and network equipment?
  • Have you allotted proper rack space to account for future network needs such as additional servers, firewalls or other network equipment?

The creation of a project plan is a fundamental element for a smooth office transition. The details of the plan will clearly depend upon the individual requirements and circumstances of each business and complexity of the network. Contact NST for our full version of our Office Relocation Check-list.


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