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Technology is critical to driving your business forward and staying competetive in your market. A Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for orchestrating a technology strategy that will ensure that it operates efficiently and meets your business goals. If your business can’t support a full-time CIO, NST can appoint a "VCIO", a Virtual Chief Information Officer.

To develop a customized IT strategy for your company, our VCIO will provide direction and management for your IT team, ensuring that priorities and timetables are aligned with your business goals.

To ensure we’re working as a team, we will: 

  • Meet with you at least twice a year to discuss your business in terms of budget and strategic planning.
  • Make sure we're supporting you properly.
  • Discuss any new technological developments that may benefit your organization and bring additional profit to your bottom line.
  • Ensure that your technology and data is secure, well-managed and in keeping with industry-accepted best practices.

Your dedicated VCIO will meet with you to forecast your future hardware and software requirements and establish a budget for new technology purchases and upgrades.


Virtual Chief Information Officer IT Consulting Services Long Island, New York

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