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Proactively maintain the health of your IT infrastructure for a flat monthly fee – It’s that simple.

NST’s Reliance Managed Service Agreements were developed with one idea in mind; if you or your staff spends time on anything other than your core business, you are losing money, especially on your IT equipment such as servers, desktops and networking equipment. Using a flat-fee monthly approach to billing for support, our incentive is to keep your network running smoothly so you and your staff can work with maximum efficiency.

Our Systems Management includes:

  • Internet and server up-time
  • Criticial desktop processes
  • Hardware Integrity and reliability
  • Server traffic and load
  • Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware management
  • Network Capacity and bandwidth utilization
  • Back –up successes and failures
  • Mobile devices
  • Email services

NST offers tiered support agreements to suit your needs and budget. Our plans are simple, precise and easy to understand.


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